Writer’s Block

This week family life has taken over a little and I am late in writing this.  My daughter injured her finger in PE and so instead of blogging yesterday morning I ended up in the small injuries unit at A&E.  She has damaged her growth plate and now has a rather snazzy splint type thing she has to wear.  You can see a picture on my Instagram.


I have also spent time this week looking at my knitting pattern business and decided I need a re-brand.  When I first started over a year ago I was concentrating more on making handmade knitted and sewn gifts.  Now I am moving more towards knitting and crochet patterns so my logo doesn’t quite fit anymore.

With this I have been trying to write a new tag line.  I have been finding this incredibly hard.

What do I offer?  Knitting and crochet patterns.  So what?  Well, I have a variety of patterns available, from quick knits for beginners to larger more complicated projects.  Especially the few that I have lined up for release over the next few weeks.  And?  I like to think that my patterns are the kind that you will not only want to make, but want to wear when you have finished too.

And there you have it.  Knitting and crochet patterns you will want to make and wear.

What do you think?


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