A Lesson In Customer Service

This week I had an email from a knitter who had bought one of my patterns.  She was struggling to follow the directions and wanted to check with me because she thought there might be a mistake.

At first I was a little taken aback.  That particular pattern had been test knitted by 6 different people.  Surely if there was a mistake it would have been picked up before now?!  So I checked the stitch count and replied asking for more details.

Sure enough it turned out there was a mistake in the pattern.  And it wasn’t just with one row, it was at least 3 of the 8 row repeat!  By this time it was getting quite late at night, so I promised I would look into it more first thing in the morning.

Next day I pulled up the pattern again, got out my needles and yarn and knitted a swatch.  I was able to work out the problem and fix the pattern in about an hour.  It wasn’t what I had planned to do with that hour, but it was more important.  Once I had re-written the pattern I uploaded the new version to Ravelry and Craftsy who automatically send an updated pdf to those people who had already bought it.  I updated Etsy too but luckily no-one had bought it on there because I couldn’t see anywhere a system in place to let purchasers know it had changed.

Then I set about making things right with my customer.  I apologised but I also said thank you.  If she hadn’t taken the time to alert me,  I might never have know there was something wrong.  To show my appreciation I gifted her a free pattern of her choice.

So my lesson for the week was don’t assume that nothing can go wrong just because something has been tested.  Still listen to the the customer because very often they are usually right!


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