My Favourite Method of Seaming

Whilst working on a pattern for one of my headbands, a tester asked me about which method of seaming I use.  She had found that when sewing her ear warmer together that the seam had tended to flare and she wasn’t happy with the result.  I think I use quite an unusual method, one which prevents the flaring and so thought I would share it with you.

I have been working on some boot cuffs.  With many traditional methods of seaming these were very likely to flare at the join, but my method means you can pull your seam tight together.

Begin with your work right side out, this is really helpful if you have a pattern that you need to match.  If you are working inside out you will have to constantly check your work which is very time consuming.  I work with the seam in the middle.










Working from the right to the left insert the needle into the first hole on the bottom half of your work and then in the same place on the top half of your work.












Now you will be inserting the needle underneath the stitches before the last stitch at the edge of your work.  For this reason, in my patterns I always add a selvedge stitch to each end which is usually always knitted.












You will continue to zig zag across the seam, working first one stitch on the bottom half and then the top half.












Leave the yarn you are using to seam nice and loose.  You will use a matching yarn, but I have used a different one so you can clearly see what is happening.












Keep working in this way until you have worked across the whole seam.  If you need to,  you can work one stitch on one side or two on the other in order to make sure you pattern or your edges match.  When you get to the end you will have a nice long tail at the beginning and end of your seam.  You are now going to pull on both of these together.  It will pull your seam nice and tight.  This part is a little bit like magic!









When you have pulled your seam to the tightness that you want you will no longer be able to see the yarn that you used.  This is now the seam from the front.










This is the seam from the back.  I believe it is called a California Locker.










And here is the finished pair of boot toppers.  Perfect for the winter weather.










I have now released the pattern for sale on Craftsy and Ravelry.


Click here for the pattern on Craftsy










Please let me know if this method is useful to you.




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