Designing Knitting Patterns for Sale

Over the last few weeks I have been enjoying writing and publishing a few of my own knitting patterns for sale.  It started with thinking about the kinds of things my 11 year old daughter would like to wear and possibly even knit herself.  She is not the most confident of knitters, so if she was to follow a pattern it would have to be something simple.  But not boring.  Most people start out their knitting or crochet careers with endless and boring scarves or dishcloths.  Nice and easy for practising those basic skills, but not guaranteed to keep you wanting to pick up the needles or hook.


Ritorto Rib, twisted turban style headband


So I decided to design some basic patterns for headbands, or ear warmers.  I started by making this Twisted Turban.  It needs stitches to be popped onto a holder and then knitted separately.  But it isn’t too taxing.  Just enough of a challenge without being so complicated you just don’t want to carry on.  Once I had written the pattern I was then able to use some measurements and some maths to work out smaller sizes.  The pattern has a size for all ages!

My next step was to then put the pattern in the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry.  Some lovely people offered to knit the pattern in the various sizes for me to check that it was easy to follow, actually produced the item I said it would and, most importantly, actually fitted at the end.  I was so pleased and overwhelmed by the wonderful photos I received at the end.


Ritorto Rib 6-18 months size


Ritorto Rib Headband 2-6 yearsHere are some photos from my testers.













During this testing time I was busy designing my next headbands.  The second one was the Gentle Wave, named because the single cable to the front reminded me of a wave in the sea.  Then came Waves Encore, using the basic Gentle Wave pattern but adding in extra cables.


Gentle Wave Headband








Waves Encore Headband

Waves Encore Headband

As these were getting written and then tested, a fellow Etsy seller asked me if I would make a headband for her to wear when she was playing golf during this colder weather.  She wanted something slightly different to my other designs so together we came up with the Corn Rows Cable Headband.  It is tapered at the ends to be narrower than at the front.  The cable running down the middle is very eye-catching.  When she received the finished item she was over the moon with it and was given some lovely compliments when she wore it to play golf next.

Corn Rows Cable Headband

Corn Rows Cable Headband













My testers have been wonderful with all their help.  If you are on Ravelry why not check out their profiles.,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

All of my patterns are available in my Etsy shop, on Ravelry and Craftsy.  Pop along to see them!  And remember, if you like them but cannot knit yourself then I can make one for you.  They will make fabulous Christmas gifts this year.

I am currently designing some cowls, with ideas for a poncho and cabled skirt keeping me awake at night.  All will be coming soon, but there are only so many hours in the day!


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