Knitting Tips for Beginners

I have been writing a few patterns and putting them on sale in Ravelry this week.  It has been a brilliantly exciting time for me, seeing my creations come to life in someone else’s hands.   However, it has also been an eye opener.  I think I never really gave any thought before to a lot of instructions given in patterns that I just know how to do.  But some people have asked me about them.  So I thought it might be useful to start looking at things I take for granted, but are probably not as simple as they seem.

Cut Yarn

This one may seem deceptively easy.  But how long do you need to leave the tail when you cut the yarn?  If you look at your work you can see how it is really just lots of loops of yarn connected together.












What will happen if you cut the yarn too close to your live stitches?  They will all come undone and your hard work will be for nothing.  Cut the yarn too long and not only is it a waste but it will create more work for you later when you need to sew in all your ends.  I would personally think 10-15cm is fine.

Re-attach Yarn

This can be done in a few ways.  You can thread the yarn through the stitch so you have the working yarn and the end hanging down.












Alternatively you can put the needle through the stitch and loop the yarn around the needle and knit like normal.












I think this is really just personal preference and haven’t found any real advantages or disadvantages to either method.

These are just a couple of things that I have been asked to explain this week.  If you have anything else please comment and I can address them in future posts.  Remember, no question is a silly question if you don’t know the answer to it!


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