Etsy Meet in York!

On Friday I boarded the 10.05 train from Gypsy Lane to York.  I was more than a little excited!  After months of talking, um-ing, ah-ing, planning, changing plans and discussing I was finally going to be meeting a couple of other Etsy sellers In Real Life!  And even more exciting – they are both fellow knitters!  Sandra from The Feminine Touch and Nicola from Twinkknits.

The day got off to a good start.  I found my reserved seat and had enough room to spread out.  And even get my knitting out!!


There is nothing guaranteed to make people double take like the sight of someone knitting on a train!










The day was a gloriously sunny autumn day.  As I walked to meet the ladies I took in the gorgeous views from Lendal Bridge, over the River Ouse.  Nicola and Sandra were already chattering away when I found them on the other side.














The first thing we decided we needed was cake!  Nicola knew a fab cake shop and so we ordered some fabulous treats.  As always, being a bone-fide tea belly, I ordered a pot of tea.  We tried out one of Sandra’s brilliant tea cosies on it, but the teapot was, unfortunately not up to the task.  Don’t they know you can never have a big enough tea pot?!?!










After lots of talking, drinking and eating we decided to get on with the order of the day – a little yarn bombing or ‘bonking’ as we like to affectionally call it after Nicola’s autocorrect had done its stuff!

We made our way back through the city, and as we passed Betty’s and saw the queue we were all relieved that we hadn’t decided to go there!



The museum gardens were very busy.  Not surprising as it was Friday afternoon and the weather was more like a May afternoon than an October one.  We saw loads of very tame squirrels that came right up to us, almost close enough to touch.  We went past one man doing something very strange.  I wasn’t sure if he felt ill or had lost something.  Either way, he was in a strange pose and not moving at all!  Captions on a postcard please!

IMG_0051We then took a lovely stroll along the river whilst we tried to find the perfect place for our yarn bonking.  We wanted somewhere quiet enough that we wouldn’t be disturbed whilst we put our yarniness up, but we didn’t want it too quiet as we actually want people to see it!






We found the perfect spot along the river, not too far from the bridge and where the boats will come past.  It wasn’t a themed bombing, we all just bought what we could get our hands on.  But in the end I think it looks strangely effective.  If it brings a smile to someone then it has done its job!























So if you happen to be in York sometime soon, maybe you could pop down to the river and see if our creation is still there.  And remember, we did it to make you smile!

Before we all headed home we wanted to mark the occasion with an obligatory selfie.  Nicola on the left, Sandra on the right and me in the middle!





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