A Jumper for Caitlin

I was recently looking through some of my knitting books when my daughter, Caitlin, asked me if I would knit her a jumper for Christmas.  I passed the books to her and told her to choose which one she would like.  She chose Scafell by Marie Wallin in Lakeside, Collection Two.  You can find out more about the pattern here:


We went onto the internet and I let Caitlin choose the yarn that she wanted it knitting in.  She chose a pale lilac colour and a really deep purple.  When they arrived we could see just how well they went together.  As the pattern for this jumper is for a lady and Caitlin is only 11 I had to make some modifications.  She wanted it nice and long so she could wear it like a dress over leggings.

I followed the basic pattern for the smallest size but began by making the rib deeper.   When I got to the end of the pattern I repeated the top part until the Caitlin was happy with the length.  The front was made to match.  The sleeves proved a little more difficult.  I measured her arms and knitted both sleeves together.  But when I sewed one into the jumper she said it was a little tight.  So I ended up pulling them both out and completely re-knitting in a bigger size.

The finished item looks fab on Caitlin and fits her perfectly.  Although the long body and smaller arms does mean it looks a little strange on the mannequin, but it is Caitlin that will be wearing it – not the dummy!

Check out my Ravelry project page here











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