Towards the end of last year I was lucky enough to become involved in the sample knitting for a fabulous new collection of knitwear.  It was designed by Marie Wallin, Head Designer at Rowan Yarns, and was to be her first independently published collection.  I was beyond excited.

Marie sent me the yarn, Rowan Cocoon which is incredibly soft, and the pattern.  If you are not sure what Sample Knitting is, then basically it is knitting the item which will then go away to be photographed so that when you buy a pattern or see one in the magazine you get a lovely photo to work from.  You can refer back to that photo to make sure that what you are doing looks right.  I had no such photo for comparison as the item I was knitting was going to BE that photo.  I was to knit a wrap called Thyme.  The cable chart came to me with details of how many stitches to cast on, how long to go for and when to cast off.

Here are some photos of the work in progress.  It begins and ends with a lovely large rib band.


I was then able to start following the cable chart to see the pattern come to life.


The finished wrap actually measures longer than I am tall! I was making this towards the end of November and I didn’t need the heating on as it rested over my legs as I knitted and kept me lovely and warm.


At one point I noticed that I had made one of the cables go the wrong way. I had to do some pretty extensive surgery but was pleased with myself that I was able to fix it without having to take out rows and rows and thousands of stitches.

DSCN0947   DSCN0948   DSCN0949   DSCN0950 DSCN0951   DSCN0952

The finished wrap was amazing. I was so in love with it, and I was more than a little sad to see it go.

A couple of weeks ago I received a copy of the book, Windswept through the post as a thank you from Marie.  I was in awe of all the fabulous patterns inside it.  I have already earmarked a few that I would love.

Marie has also blogged about the photo shoot which you can read about here:

Layout 1

And finally, my wrap in all its finished glory




All Needles Great and Small on Etsy

Following on from the popularity of my knitted animal hats and Minecraft Creeper cushion covers I have re-opened my Etsy shop this week.

I have started off with a few of my most popular key rings.  These were based on signs of the zodiac and sold well when my shop was in full swing before.  I have so far listed 4 of these.


I have also listed a panda key ring which is really cute.


And a Minecraft Creeper cushion cover.  This is knitted using intarsia and so it fiddly and time consuming but very effective when finished.


Pop over to my shop when you have 5 minutes to see what else is new.  Or if you have something specific in mind drop me a line, I am sure we can sort something out together 🙂