Teaching Knitting

This week end I had the honour of teaching my friend’s 7 year old daughter how to knit.  We had a fabulous hour, and it was great to be able to pass on my skills to the next generation.

I have taught my daughter to knit, and she does quite a good job of it, when she decides that the mood takes her.  But teaching someone else’s child is a whole different ball game.  She sat still!  She listened!  And she concentrated for a whole hour!  This may not sound like very much, but shall we just say that this particular little girl came to me for knitting lessons because she cannot sit still or concentrate.  She is often in trouble at home and school for her attitude.

I cast on quite a few stitches for such a small young lady, a whole 50 of them.  After showing her how to do the knit stitch she had a go at doing a row for herself.  Then I did the next row and corrected any extra or dropped stitches.  I gave the knitting back and she exclaimed “Do I have to get all the stitches back onto the other needle again?!”  However, she got her head down and completed her row.  We carried on in this vein until her Mum collected her.  She couldn’t wait to show off what she had achieved.

On the Monday morning, on the school playground whilst waiting for the week to start, I was amazed to see that she had brought her knitting with her to show me what she had been up to over the rest of the week end.  It was full of holes and now had an extra 12 stitches, but it was growing and she was just as proud of it as I was.  What was even better was the report from her mum.  She had been ill all week end, but instead of being plagued the whole time by a bored and restless child she was actually left in peace.  Knitting had kept her daughter calm and she had sat quietly working on her swatch.

I am very much looking forward to this Saturday to see what we can achieve!


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