A Horrible Week

It has been one of those weeks. It started off so well, I just knew it couldn’t last.

On Friday I woke up in a great mood. Has some very positive emails. And more importantly my husband was on his way home from work in Saudi. I hadn’t see him since August.

Although I was looking forward to seeing my hubby it was all tinged with a little sadness too because he was coming home a week early to see his Dad. He had end stage dementia and it was basically come home now before its too late.

He saw him on Friday afternoon and again Saturday morning. Then sadly his Dad passed on Saturday afternoon. So since then we have been sorting out things for the funeral which will be on Monday.

During this time I have managed a little knitting but only light things that don’t require much concentration. The one time I did try something more involved I did it all wrong and had to unpick it the next day.

We had a pitch booked in the Lake District from Sunday with The Camping and Caravanning Club. We can’t go now, hat with the funeral being on Monday. So I rang to cancel and despite our very valid reason for cancelling on such sort notice they refuse to refund our deposit. Shame on them!

I think we will be sticking with The Caravan Club in future!

Here is to a fabulous Father-in-law. Goodnight, sleep tight and God bless xx


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