Bessie the boxer week 6

13 weeks old

Height: 37cm
Length: 48cm
Weight: 10.1kg

I haven’t had much time to myself recently which is why this hasn’t been updated.

A couple of weekends ago it was my daughters 10th birthday. To celebrate we had a few family & friends round for some food. Bessie loved all the attention she was getting. Lots of fussing from the adults, lots of chasing around & playing with the kids. Unfortunately my daughter wasn’t so impressed! Bessie was taking all the attention away from her!

One of the highlights over the past few weeks has been Bessie going out for her first ever walk. My husband was luckily able to get home for this momentous occasion. We went altogether as a family and walked her in the woods. She loved chasing after the children & running through the long grass.

Since that first walk Bessie has learnt to show us that she wants to go out by sitting by the front door. If we get her lead out she goes crazy!! My friend has been looking after her for part of the day now that she can go out. She comes to my house and walks her back to hers. When I have finished work I walk round to collect her. Combining walks with a cuppa with my friend suits both Bessie and I!!

We have been trying to take Bessie with us when we go out as much as possible. She has been into the town a couple of times & an out of town shopping park. She loves to go in the car where she sits on the back seat, in between the kids, with her head on one of their knees.

Only 6 more weeks until we will be taking Bessie on her first ever camping trip – I can’t wait!

















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