Bessie the boxer week 4

11 weeks old

Height: 34cm
Length: 41cm
Weight: 7.4kg

Another busy week and Bessie continues to grow before our eyes. I am still having trouble keeping her still long enough to take her measurements. I think her length was wrong last week. if only she wasn’t such a wriggle bum!!

She is getting into a bit more of a routine. She still wants to be up from 5am onwards. That’s fine during the week, but I still wish she could understand weekends! She is sleeping in longer stretches through the night too. I even managed a single block of four hours once!!

I have been doing some supply teaching. It has killed me to leave Bessie in the mornings, but I know she is well looked after. The very wonderful Veronica who lives next door comes in to let Bessie out, feed her & play with he for a while. In the evenings, after we have spend some time playing and cuddling Bessie thinks it is perfectly acceptable to help me with my planning by trying to chew the wire for the school laptop. Not a good idea Bessie! Time to put it away & wait until she is asleep. Another late night coming up!!

It is comical to watch Bessie going up and down the stairs. She tackles them very much in the same way I imagine a kangaroo would. Her front legs move independently, but the back to bounce up or down the stairs, boing boing boing!!

Bessie has been finding some strange places to sleep. On top of the storage boxes under my bed is a firm favourite. I just hope she doesn’t get wedged in there. Another is the laundry basket. Much more understandable & less likely to cause injury!

We went to the vets for her second injection & microchipping this week. She wasn’t too keen on the car but coped well. The injection wasn’t a problem but the microchip was definitely felt, despite the vet trying to distract her with some treats.

Saturday 15th my husband comes home from work for a few days. So we will all be able to take Bessie out for her first ever walk as a family 🙂












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