Bessie the Boxer Week 3

10 weeks old

Weight: 7kg
Height: 32cm
Length: 41cm

The kids have been on holiday this week so have been spending plenty of time with Bessie, wearing her out :). She has especially enjoyed being in the back garden when the weather is nice. Bessie still doesn’t like the rain or cold. She has grown into her rain coat a bit more, but is not impressed with being made to wear it.

My little bundle of joy doesn’t understand the concepts of weekends, holidays or lie-ins. So she has been trying to get me to play anytime between 5 & 6 am. She does this by putting he front paws on the bed next to my head and barking. The odd swipe at my head thrown in for good measure. OK, so i get up and what does she do – goes straight back to sleep! Not funny Bessie!!

We have been practising walking around on the lead in readiness for when we will finally be able to go out for walks. Th first time she was terrified of the open front door, but now she enjoys a little trot around the front garden.

Bessie has continued to earn her nickname Messi, enjoying games of football with anyone who is willing. Callum and his friends are her usual opponents. Although, her favourite England football came to an unfortunate death this week.

We have been making some progress on the toilet training, especially at night. She tends to sleep for around two hours at a time. If I hear her and wake straight up I can get her out without any accidents. She will happily go out, do what is needed and come back into bed straight away. On the few occasions I haven’t woken quickly enough Bessie has just sat at the back door. I know I will find a wet patch somewhere & I am sure I can hear her saying “too late!”

Next week we have our second visit to the vets for jabs & microchipping. We can nearly go for walkies 🙂














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