Bessie the Boxer Week 2


9 weeks old

Weight: 5.1kg
Height: 29.5cm
Length: 38cm

Another full on exhausting week! Bessie seems to be literally growing in front of my eyes! Every time I look at her she seems taller & more grown up. And when I pick her up to carry her down the stairs she seems to be heavier by the day.

But the way she moves around still reminds me so much of a toddler who is all gangly legs. The stage when their body is growing so fast they never seem to know their own parameters and so constantly fall over or move about in an incredibly clumsy way. Bessie is just like that as she runs around the garden chasing her ball. She runs head first into it and ends up falling tail over head. Or the bizarre way she tries to scratch her front leg with her back one. She lifts her leg, doesn’t quite reach and ends up toppling over sideways. Sometimes she does it in such a way I think she is going to poo and it sends me flying towards her shouting “No!” Confusing the poor girl mid-scratch!

Last week we discovered Bessie is not bothered by the Hoover. This week whilst sweeping down the decking we discovered she is not so laid back when it comes to brooms. Maybe it was the unusual noise as the bristles moved on the wood, but Bessie went into full-on attack mode. Front legs down, bum up I the air and barking as if her life depended upon it.

She is discovering new skills all the time. She can climb up and down the few steps from the decking to the grass. When going down she kind of gets a momentum going and is unable to stop until she reaches the bottom. She is also able to go up the stairs inside the house. She struggles with the bottom step which is bare wood, but once she is onto the carpet on the next step there is no stopping her!

This week we have been trying to learn how to play fetch. We have gone from throwing the tennis ball and Bessie just sitting and looking at us as if to say “and?” She will now chase after the ball but isn’t quite sure what to do with it when she reaches it. But give her a football and she is happy to chase it around for ages. Obviously more of a football than a tennis fan. This has caused Callum & his friends to nickname her Messi!

A major milestone this week was our first trip to the vets for her jabs. She caused a bit of a stir with her utter cuteness. When we arrived we had a little bit of a wait as there was a full grown boxer already in with the vet. When he came out the difference in size was astounding! Bessie wasn’t too impressed with the injection but she coped well. Lets hope the second visit goes just as smoothly.









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