Bessie the Boxer Blog – week 1

Bessie is 8 weeks old today.

Weight: 4.4kg
Height: 25cm
Length: 32cm

Wow, what a week!! I can honestly say my happiness & exhaustion levels are the same as they were when my kids were new born babies.

We have been trying to house train Bessie this week. We have had some success, and we have also had some smelly floors. Only to be expected though considering her young age. When she is taken into the garden she will do something 98% of the time. But she is still very small with an equally small capacity to hold on. So due to the impossibility of watching her constantly and taking her out at maximum intervals of 20 minutes we have had inevitable accidents. She is getting the hang of it though. The intervals are slowly getting longer & the accidents are becoming less. She has even sat at the top of the stairs or by the back door once or twice. She rarely just stops where she is to do something now, instead taking herself off to the bathroom if no one is paying attention to her. Amazing what treats can do!

We have been hindered by some awful weather. And who can blame Bessie for not wanting to go outside and do her business in torrential rain and pitch black at 3.30 in the morning? The week started with lovely sunny but freezing cold weather. Every time I took Bessie in the garden the cold got right through her thin coat and she would begin to shiver. Being the concerned mum that I am I thought this might put her off doing what is necessary. So I bought her a jumper. I am not a fan of animals being dressed up in clothes, but desperate times call for desperate measures. With a distinct lack of choice available to me I shunned away from the tutu and went for a pink knitted jumper. Now she could frolic in the garden despite the temperature.

Later in the week the weather had deteriorated further and I felt a full blown waterproof coat was in order. So, with my measurements in hand I stood and deliberated and agonised for over half an hour. The coat that would fit seemed so small! Not to mention the price along with the inevitability that she would grow out of it with barely any wear. Eventually with the help of a shop assistant who had taken pity on me I went for a coat that was just 3cms bigger than what I had measured her. But when I put it on it swamped the poor girl. Every time she tried to walk her legs would end up inside the coat and she would start to roll down the hill like a Weeble. My poor baby. Lets just hope for no more rain until she grows into it a bit more!

Bessie has met some new friends this week. Both Callum & Caitlin have had friends round and they have all been smitten with Bessie. Thank goodness for children playing with the dog in the garden otherwise nothing would get done in the house! I have even found myself tiptoeing around the house and shushing people so as “not to wake the dog”. Well, how is a girl to get her exercise otherwise? She has also been introduced to some of my friends & some of the neighbours. One morning she was lucky enough to meet three Spaniels that live a couple of doors away. With her cute puppy looks and friendly disposition she has quickly won everyone over. Bessie is a popular girl!

Caitlin is still having trouble with Bessie nipping her. I have told her again and again how to stop her but she is a typical girl and doesn’t want to upset the dog. She thinks if she chastises Bessie that she won’t like her anymore. We will have to keep working on this one for the sake of their relationship.

Other achievements this week include beginning to wear her training collar. She was unsure the first time I put it on. Trying to constantly get it back off. But today she seemed resigned to the inevitable and hasn’t even acknowledged its presence. As an 8wk birthday present Caitlin took Bessie for a walk in the garden with her lead on for the first time. She kept stopping to have a bit of a chew on it, but wasn’t too phased or upset.

She was unconcerned by the Hoover, but not at all sure of the sound of the shredder. She sat in my lap staring at the noisy machine, occasionally running away and then jumping back into my lap again. Every now and then we have a steam train pass nearby. When that happened this week Bessie shot back towards the house as if she had been electrocuted! She has also discovered the joys of peanut butter in a chew toy 🙂

We have yet to have a full nights sleep or a dry crate come morning. She was very good at calling me when she wanted to go out the first couple of nights. But since then she has tended to wet her bed and then call me. I have only rinsed her blankets without washing detergents i case the strange smell encouraged her to wet all the more.

Next week we have our first trip to the vets for jabs. That is bound to be interesting!!








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