A very exciting day

It has finally arrived. It seems to have taken a very long time for today to come around. The excitement making the time seem to drag by. When in reality it has only been 6 days that I have had to wait. Not really a very long time in the grander scheme of things. But this is no ordinary event I have been waiting for.

Today is the day that we, hopefully, bring our new Boxer puppy home!! We have always had animals, the current count standing at Kenobi the cat, Beardy the bearded dragon, Smurf & Smurfette the love birds plus a tank full of fish. We have previously also had guinea pigs, rabbits & hamsters. But we have never had a dog before.

We have always longed for a dog, but what with my husband working away, our regular visits to see him and my long hours at work we had decided it wasn’t fair to bring a dog into the family.

However, since leaving my job I have decided that I have the time to devote to man’s best friend and I would love to be able to spend some of these hours walking, training and playing with a new friend.

So as a family we started to research and think about the kind of dog which would fit in with our personalities and life style. Callum spent hours on the Internet watching videos of different breeds of dogs. He took a very pragmatic and mature attitude to this momentous decision. At the end of hours of research he came up with a short list of 6 dogs which he felt would be a good fit for us. Caitlin, by contrast spent a very short time on this important task but came up with a ‘short list’ 9 double sided pages long!

Eventually we came up with a list of three breeds. Golden retriever, boxer and staffy. Despite it being Caitlin’s favourite the golden was discounted first for many reasons including grooming issues of that long blonde hair. The boxer was now he favourite, but my husband was still firmly behind the staffy. But he unfortunately still works away, so he lost and the boxer was triumphant!! Phil still maintains he will get a staffy when he comes home. OK, whenever THAT will be!

I started emailing breeders on The Kennel Club set with very little success. Eventually one very helpful lady told us about a Boxer Show that was coming up. Myself and the kids got up early on a Saturday morning and drove to the venue.

Upon arrival it was like being a kid in a sweet shop! Everywhere we looked were vans and large cars with the most beautiful dogs coming out of them. We were in seventh heaven! Boxers of every colour and size everywhere we looked. All three of us were hooked and completely in love!

I soon got to work, talking to everyone who seemed receptive, asking about litters and the possibility of one day owning our own bundle of joy. I met three lovely ladies that day who were so helpful, not only in pointing me in the right direction for the possibility if a puppy, but also explaining how the show and breeding work.

From that morning I later received a phone call from Sue who had a litter sired by one of the ladies I had met at the show. She had passed my details to Sue and suddenly the possibility of my very own boxer was becoming a reality.

So today the children & I are driving two and a half hours to Nottingham to meet Sue and her puppies. And by the time we arrive back home later tonight we may well have our very own bundle of joy and excitement!!


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