Bessie the Boxer Week 3

10 weeks old

Weight: 7kg
Height: 32cm
Length: 41cm

The kids have been on holiday this week so have been spending plenty of time with Bessie, wearing her out :). She has especially enjoyed being in the back garden when the weather is nice. Bessie still doesn’t like the rain or cold. She has grown into her rain coat a bit more, but is not impressed with being made to wear it.

My little bundle of joy doesn’t understand the concepts of weekends, holidays or lie-ins. So she has been trying to get me to play anytime between 5 & 6 am. She does this by putting he front paws on the bed next to my head and barking. The odd swipe at my head thrown in for good measure. OK, so i get up and what does she do – goes straight back to sleep! Not funny Bessie!!

We have been practising walking around on the lead in readiness for when we will finally be able to go out for walks. Th first time she was terrified of the open front door, but now she enjoys a little trot around the front garden.

Bessie has continued to earn her nickname Messi, enjoying games of football with anyone who is willing. Callum and his friends are her usual opponents. Although, her favourite England football came to an unfortunate death this week.

We have been making some progress on the toilet training, especially at night. She tends to sleep for around two hours at a time. If I hear her and wake straight up I can get her out without any accidents. She will happily go out, do what is needed and come back into bed straight away. On the few occasions I haven’t woken quickly enough Bessie has just sat at the back door. I know I will find a wet patch somewhere & I am sure I can hear her saying “too late!”

Next week we have our second visit to the vets for jabs & microchipping. We can nearly go for walkies 🙂














Bessie the Boxer Week 2


9 weeks old

Weight: 5.1kg
Height: 29.5cm
Length: 38cm

Another full on exhausting week! Bessie seems to be literally growing in front of my eyes! Every time I look at her she seems taller & more grown up. And when I pick her up to carry her down the stairs she seems to be heavier by the day.

But the way she moves around still reminds me so much of a toddler who is all gangly legs. The stage when their body is growing so fast they never seem to know their own parameters and so constantly fall over or move about in an incredibly clumsy way. Bessie is just like that as she runs around the garden chasing her ball. She runs head first into it and ends up falling tail over head. Or the bizarre way she tries to scratch her front leg with her back one. She lifts her leg, doesn’t quite reach and ends up toppling over sideways. Sometimes she does it in such a way I think she is going to poo and it sends me flying towards her shouting “No!” Confusing the poor girl mid-scratch!

Last week we discovered Bessie is not bothered by the Hoover. This week whilst sweeping down the decking we discovered she is not so laid back when it comes to brooms. Maybe it was the unusual noise as the bristles moved on the wood, but Bessie went into full-on attack mode. Front legs down, bum up I the air and barking as if her life depended upon it.

She is discovering new skills all the time. She can climb up and down the few steps from the decking to the grass. When going down she kind of gets a momentum going and is unable to stop until she reaches the bottom. She is also able to go up the stairs inside the house. She struggles with the bottom step which is bare wood, but once she is onto the carpet on the next step there is no stopping her!

This week we have been trying to learn how to play fetch. We have gone from throwing the tennis ball and Bessie just sitting and looking at us as if to say “and?” She will now chase after the ball but isn’t quite sure what to do with it when she reaches it. But give her a football and she is happy to chase it around for ages. Obviously more of a football than a tennis fan. This has caused Callum & his friends to nickname her Messi!

A major milestone this week was our first trip to the vets for her jabs. She caused a bit of a stir with her utter cuteness. When we arrived we had a little bit of a wait as there was a full grown boxer already in with the vet. When he came out the difference in size was astounding! Bessie wasn’t too impressed with the injection but she coped well. Lets hope the second visit goes just as smoothly.








Bessie the Boxer Blog – week 1

Bessie is 8 weeks old today.

Weight: 4.4kg
Height: 25cm
Length: 32cm

Wow, what a week!! I can honestly say my happiness & exhaustion levels are the same as they were when my kids were new born babies.

We have been trying to house train Bessie this week. We have had some success, and we have also had some smelly floors. Only to be expected though considering her young age. When she is taken into the garden she will do something 98% of the time. But she is still very small with an equally small capacity to hold on. So due to the impossibility of watching her constantly and taking her out at maximum intervals of 20 minutes we have had inevitable accidents. She is getting the hang of it though. The intervals are slowly getting longer & the accidents are becoming less. She has even sat at the top of the stairs or by the back door once or twice. She rarely just stops where she is to do something now, instead taking herself off to the bathroom if no one is paying attention to her. Amazing what treats can do!

We have been hindered by some awful weather. And who can blame Bessie for not wanting to go outside and do her business in torrential rain and pitch black at 3.30 in the morning? The week started with lovely sunny but freezing cold weather. Every time I took Bessie in the garden the cold got right through her thin coat and she would begin to shiver. Being the concerned mum that I am I thought this might put her off doing what is necessary. So I bought her a jumper. I am not a fan of animals being dressed up in clothes, but desperate times call for desperate measures. With a distinct lack of choice available to me I shunned away from the tutu and went for a pink knitted jumper. Now she could frolic in the garden despite the temperature.

Later in the week the weather had deteriorated further and I felt a full blown waterproof coat was in order. So, with my measurements in hand I stood and deliberated and agonised for over half an hour. The coat that would fit seemed so small! Not to mention the price along with the inevitability that she would grow out of it with barely any wear. Eventually with the help of a shop assistant who had taken pity on me I went for a coat that was just 3cms bigger than what I had measured her. But when I put it on it swamped the poor girl. Every time she tried to walk her legs would end up inside the coat and she would start to roll down the hill like a Weeble. My poor baby. Lets just hope for no more rain until she grows into it a bit more!

Bessie has met some new friends this week. Both Callum & Caitlin have had friends round and they have all been smitten with Bessie. Thank goodness for children playing with the dog in the garden otherwise nothing would get done in the house! I have even found myself tiptoeing around the house and shushing people so as “not to wake the dog”. Well, how is a girl to get her exercise otherwise? She has also been introduced to some of my friends & some of the neighbours. One morning she was lucky enough to meet three Spaniels that live a couple of doors away. With her cute puppy looks and friendly disposition she has quickly won everyone over. Bessie is a popular girl!

Caitlin is still having trouble with Bessie nipping her. I have told her again and again how to stop her but she is a typical girl and doesn’t want to upset the dog. She thinks if she chastises Bessie that she won’t like her anymore. We will have to keep working on this one for the sake of their relationship.

Other achievements this week include beginning to wear her training collar. She was unsure the first time I put it on. Trying to constantly get it back off. But today she seemed resigned to the inevitable and hasn’t even acknowledged its presence. As an 8wk birthday present Caitlin took Bessie for a walk in the garden with her lead on for the first time. She kept stopping to have a bit of a chew on it, but wasn’t too phased or upset.

She was unconcerned by the Hoover, but not at all sure of the sound of the shredder. She sat in my lap staring at the noisy machine, occasionally running away and then jumping back into my lap again. Every now and then we have a steam train pass nearby. When that happened this week Bessie shot back towards the house as if she had been electrocuted! She has also discovered the joys of peanut butter in a chew toy 🙂

We have yet to have a full nights sleep or a dry crate come morning. She was very good at calling me when she wanted to go out the first couple of nights. But since then she has tended to wet her bed and then call me. I have only rinsed her blankets without washing detergents i case the strange smell encouraged her to wet all the more.

Next week we have our first trip to the vets for jabs. That is bound to be interesting!!







Bessie Day 1

We are all exhausted. Watching a dog constantly is hard work! We managed to get her to do two wee’s outside but not so successful with the poo. At least she did it on the bathroom floor so it was easy to clean up!

The kids are in love! They are very good at playing with her & generally just watching her as she runs around the house sniffing everything. I don’t think I have ever heard the word ‘No!’ so much!

She has had something to eat and a good chase of Caitlin around the garden. This was followed by a good old sniff of the house. She didn’t seem too keen on he crate at first but pure exhaustion meant that in the end she voluntarily went in and snuggled up into the blankets.








A very exciting day

It has finally arrived. It seems to have taken a very long time for today to come around. The excitement making the time seem to drag by. When in reality it has only been 6 days that I have had to wait. Not really a very long time in the grander scheme of things. But this is no ordinary event I have been waiting for.

Today is the day that we, hopefully, bring our new Boxer puppy home!! We have always had animals, the current count standing at Kenobi the cat, Beardy the bearded dragon, Smurf & Smurfette the love birds plus a tank full of fish. We have previously also had guinea pigs, rabbits & hamsters. But we have never had a dog before.

We have always longed for a dog, but what with my husband working away, our regular visits to see him and my long hours at work we had decided it wasn’t fair to bring a dog into the family.

However, since leaving my job I have decided that I have the time to devote to man’s best friend and I would love to be able to spend some of these hours walking, training and playing with a new friend.

So as a family we started to research and think about the kind of dog which would fit in with our personalities and life style. Callum spent hours on the Internet watching videos of different breeds of dogs. He took a very pragmatic and mature attitude to this momentous decision. At the end of hours of research he came up with a short list of 6 dogs which he felt would be a good fit for us. Caitlin, by contrast spent a very short time on this important task but came up with a ‘short list’ 9 double sided pages long!

Eventually we came up with a list of three breeds. Golden retriever, boxer and staffy. Despite it being Caitlin’s favourite the golden was discounted first for many reasons including grooming issues of that long blonde hair. The boxer was now he favourite, but my husband was still firmly behind the staffy. But he unfortunately still works away, so he lost and the boxer was triumphant!! Phil still maintains he will get a staffy when he comes home. OK, whenever THAT will be!

I started emailing breeders on The Kennel Club set with very little success. Eventually one very helpful lady told us about a Boxer Show that was coming up. Myself and the kids got up early on a Saturday morning and drove to the venue.

Upon arrival it was like being a kid in a sweet shop! Everywhere we looked were vans and large cars with the most beautiful dogs coming out of them. We were in seventh heaven! Boxers of every colour and size everywhere we looked. All three of us were hooked and completely in love!

I soon got to work, talking to everyone who seemed receptive, asking about litters and the possibility of one day owning our own bundle of joy. I met three lovely ladies that day who were so helpful, not only in pointing me in the right direction for the possibility if a puppy, but also explaining how the show and breeding work.

From that morning I later received a phone call from Sue who had a litter sired by one of the ladies I had met at the show. She had passed my details to Sue and suddenly the possibility of my very own boxer was becoming a reality.

So today the children & I are driving two and a half hours to Nottingham to meet Sue and her puppies. And by the time we arrive back home later tonight we may well have our very own bundle of joy and excitement!!