How did you eat yours?

On Monday night/Tuesday morning I awoke suddenly in the small hours in a cold sweat.  That horrible feeling curling in my tummy that you get when you know you have forgotten something important.  Pancakes.  I had completely failed to connect ‘Shrove Tuesday’ on the calendar with the day that was about to dawn.  I knew from previous years failures that I was likely to find some, but not all, of the things that I needed for this momentous annual occasion.

I had arranged to spend the morning shopping with my Mother-in-Law.  This would not, however, provide an opportunity for the purchase of pancake ingredients.  Instead we spent hours looking in every charity shop in Redcar.  My aching feet were testament to the fact that this particular high street does indeed have a lot of charity shops.  By the time we had inspected them all, collected her shih tzu from the pet parlour (don’t ask) and dropped her off home I had to rush to my kids school.  They had arranged an afternoon of pancake racing and eating.

The first opportunity to find out how much of an epic fail I had been on the pancake front was on the way home from school.  Luckily the local shop did not let us down too much.  We found eggs, milk and flour without any problem.  I was amazed to see they still had some lemon juice.  We chose two types of ice cream – double chocolate and toffee.  Then we hit the fail button.  No golden syrup or maple syrup.  Honey was chosen as a very poor substitute.

The kids did a fantastic job of making the mixture


I was in charge of cooking and making sure our pancakes were the perfect shape

Callum was eager to show us his master ‘flipping’ skills

Can you guess how the first pancake ended up?  Yep, making a lovely greasy mess on my kitchen floor.  Callum also declared that he had a brilliant way of picking up the offending mess to put it in the bin.

Yep Son, I have always found a knife and fork to be the best solution to a big gooey mess on the floor!!

However Callum did turn out to be very good at flipping pancakes.  That was his only miss of the day, luckily.  We wanted pancakes, and lots of them!!

Caitlin went for a honey and sugar combination on her pancakes.  Although I would argue that this was more sugar than pancake!!

Callum went for ice cream with his.

I went for the classic lemon and sugar on mine.  Although I did have a sneaky couple of spoonfuls of ice cream in between 🙂

At the end of the cooking session my kids and my kitchen were a mess.  We were all stuffed and feeling slightly sick.  And I would have to work hard to argue the nutritional value of the food I had given my kids for their tea.  But we had enjoyed ourselves.  Epic win.  Cant wait to do it all again next year 🙂


8 thoughts on “How did you eat yours?

  1. Julia says:

    NOM NOM NOM 🙂 Went to a friend’s house for mine. Had savoury ones with chilli and cheese, then sweet ones with lemon and sugar and palm honey… YUM!

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