Do you believe in luck or fate? All those little decisions that we make everyday that can change the path of our life without even realising. What if we had chosen differently?

This week has been half term and any parents will know February half term is the worst of them all as far as being able to get out and about is concerned. October is ok because the weather is usually still reasonable enough for outdoor activities. Christmas whizzes by in a blur of family, food and presents. Easter, being in the spring is full of promise with egg hunts & trips here and there much more possible. But February is cold, and it’s dark and there is usually still snow about which can leave you wanting to do nothing but hibernate in front of the tv.

This half term we did try to get out and about a bit but it was a disaster really. We used our National Trust membership to visit a property, but we didn’t get in the house & the grounds were still thick with snow. We ended up wandering around in the snow for a few hours, had a picnic in the car & went home cold & miserable.

We went to the seaside at Redcar another day. We couldn’t get to the beach properly because the council were building new sea defences. There was a biting wind blowing so we quickly found shelter in an amusements. This, at least was great fun. £2 each & over an hour of fun on the 2p machines. The excitement of winning a lolly when it has been teetering on the edge for ages!

So when my son wanted to go to crazy golf later in the week I was more than a little reluctant. It was still cold & windy, it kept trying to rain & I only had a vague idea of where the golf was. I tried to persuade him with a game of monopoly, I tried to cajole him into snuggling on the sofa to watch a movie. But he would not be budged.

We found the golf with relatively little trouble, pulled into the car park & all piled out of the car. At that precise moment a car pulled into the space next to us. I recognised the man in the passenger seat. It was someone I had spent a lot of time with at uni when we were training to be teachers. The last time I had seen him was June 2007 at our graduation. Life had got in the way & we had lost touch.

Through good luck or fate we both just happened to be going to the same golf course on the same day at the same time. 5 minutes earlier & I wouldn’t have seen him, 5 minutes later we would have missed each other too. Is that what they call serendipity?!


One thought on “Serendipity

  1. TheSequinnedSheep says:

    I don’t personally believe in fate, but it’s fab you got to see your old friend, how wonderful! I hope you had a fun game of crazy golf, I love that game. Not played it for ages, now I really want to!

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