Where have I been?

It has been about two weeks since I last blogged.  Every time I sit down to write something then another task has got in the way.  So what has filled my time?  I took part in my first BNS and BNR on Etsy.  For those who haven’t taken part in one yet your shop is featured and if a shop buys from you depending upon if it is an R (replace) or S (stay) they then take your slot or get one in the next round.  They are very addictive and great fun!

I have been busy stocking my shop full of goodies.  I now have the grand total of 35 items listed.  My plan is to reach 50 by the end of half term which gives me three weeks.

So what have I added? A range of sports inspired mug hugs knitted to order in team colours of your choice, this is the large striped version, but I also make one with smaller stripes.With the London 2012 olympics and Euro 2012 coming up these will make great gifts for any sports fans.  I also made one in red, white and blue stripes if you were feeling really patriotic!!

I have been busy practising my skills on the sewing machine with some fabric key rings and brooches.

I have also been making a range of key rings and brooches in felt and hand sewn.  And some are all about getting ready for St Paddy’s Day

I have enjoyed making some patriotic inspired bunting.  This one was with the forces in mind, or any family where the Dad works away, like mine.  I have also made some patriotic bunting in squares and rectangles.  Ideal for the upcoming Jubilee.  I can just see us all now enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the street with our neighbours with my bunting flapping in the gentle breeze 🙂

I must admit, though, that despite not having sold one single valentines related item I am going to list one last thing.  And then I am moving on.

Spring is beckoning, and with it Easter and Mother’s Day.  Some lovely new bright and cheerful colours.  So this will be listed today and then no more hearts for a while!!


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