Kitchen Envy

I am currently sat at the desk with the phone on speaker and I am completely fed up.  My printer has gone doolally and need support.  But while I am waiting I have five minutes to share a funny story with you.

In my last blog I posted pictures of my kitchen and I had a few lovely comments from people saying they had kitchen envy.  So just to stir those feelings up again here is my gorgeous kitchen.

As you can see, I work at the kitchen table )

Anyway all these wonderful comments reminded me of something that happened a couple of years back.

I was enjoying a nice quiet, relaxing Saturday afternoon at home when the doorbell went.  Stood there was a woman I went to uni with, her husband and small daughter.  I had not seen her in a few years.  “We were just passing” she says.  Bearing in mind she lives about a two hour drive away I found that a little strange but nevertheless welcomed them in and made them comfortable with teas and toys for the little one.  After half an hour they got up to leave and as they were gathering their bits the husband went into my hallway with his camera.  Well, my face must have been a sight because he informed me his parents were building their own home and Amanda had said how lovely my stairs were.  They wanted a picture so they could have a staircase made just like mine!!! You could have floored me.  They took their pics and I haven’t seen or heard from them since.  And here is the infamous staircase.


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